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Geocentric Lifesciences

Geocentric Lifesciences is an Indian pharmaceutical company serving the people from a decade. With our desire to deliver our portfolio of pharmaceutical products to India which we have built by listening to the needs from the medical front, we will expand our specialty pharmaceutical business by focusing on Nuero Psychiatry and other fields. We will continue to offer the innovative treatment options and devote ourselves to becoming the company trusted and selected by everyone.

Mission & Vision

Geocentric Lifesciences is the new century dynamic company established in the year 2012. With our commitment towards healthier lives, we have been offering World-class quality pharmaceutical products and services especially for Neuro Psychiatry management. The major chronic management therapeutic segments that we cater to are Nephrology, Critical Care, Neurological Disorder, Urology and Gastroenterology and others. As a corporate we believe in providing innovative formulations to health & care problems and possess an entrepreneurial culture to build divisions and products.

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